Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Cash Incentive Contest in Full Swing

Cash Incentive Contest in Full Swing
The 1,000 Point Platinum PaceSetter Bonus kicked off on September 17. You have approximately four weeks to enroll as many new Associates as possible, so start sharing USANA today.

Once enrolled, get your new Associates trained quickly! If any new Associate you enroll between now and October 14 attain Platinum PaceSetter status within their first six weeks, then you and your new Associate(s) will earn 400 CVP (Commission Volume Points). As an added bonus, if you are already a Platinum PaceSetter, add another 200 CVP to your payout. That’s a potential 600 CVP per new Platinum PaceSetter!

Trouble enrolling new people? Try this idea: work as a team and schedule weekly Health & Freedom presentations with each person bringing at least two guests. With the new Health & Freedom Flash presentation available on Online Business Manager, you have a professional presentation at your fingertips.

Log on to Online Business Manager for full details and rules. Good luck and keep up the great work!

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